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Stoked in the Park

Looking over the main Rugby ground Stoked in the Park will be over 70 meters long and will give you the chance to sample one of the largest selection of Aussie and Kiwi beers in the UK.
Stoked in the Park will also have the main stage with live music from 10:00 am – 9:00 PM

Outside the main marquee there is also a craft beer clubhouse with craft beer and cider from the London brewery’s on tap and for the non beer and cider drinkers check out the Wine pavilion and Bundaberg/ 42 below cocktail bar

Beers confirmed for the main beer tent for 2018

Little Creatures Bright Ale
Little Creatures Dogs Day
Little Creatures Pale Ale
Monteiths Golden Lager
Monteiths Original Ale
Monteiths Radler
Monteiths Summer Ale
Steinlager pure
Tooheys Extra Dry
XXXX Gold Lager
Vale Ale
Vale Lager
Mornington Pale
Mornington Lager
Young Henry’s Natural Lager
Young Henry’s Newtowner Pale
Young Henry’s Real Ale
Hills Apple Cider
Carlton Draught
Coopers Pale Ale
Crown Lager
DB Draught
Exports Gold
Lion Red

More to be confirmed


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