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Festival Food

London Big Day out has a wide range of great food from NZ and Australia, Enjoy fresh green lipped mussels, chicken parmi, steak & cheese pies, chicken salted hot chips, kiwi Burgers, kiwi lamb plus lots more.

Check below for all the different food at London Big Day Out and which area you will find them.

Wine Pavilion

New Zealand & Australian gourmet bakery
Steak and Cheese
Peppered Steak

Sausage rolls

Kumara-spinach-feta cheese (V)


Vegetarian (roast vegetable, pumpkin-spinach-feta)
Bacon and egg slice

Lolly cake
Rocky road
Apple crumble scotch pie cases and a dollop of vanilla custard
Louise slice
Anzac biscuits
Chocolate fudge slice
Custard slice

Spit Roasted Pig Served With Apple Sauce, Stuffing & Crispy Crackling
Served With Soft Floured Rolls

Fresh green lipped mussels

Craft Beer House

Aussie & Kiwi Pie stand

Steak and Cheese
Peppered Steak

Next to the main Beer Marquee

Choice As Cobber Stand

Mini Chicken Parmi + curly fries
Parmi – Burger + curly fries + soft drink

BBQ & Hot Chips stand

Kiwi Burger
Kiwi Lamb
Chicken Salt hot chips
BBQ Beef Sausage with Watties tomato sauce

Hangi Stand ( Sold Out)

A Hāngi is the traditional Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven.

Dairy Shop

NZ Longest drink milkshakes including Lime, Banana, Chocolate and Spearmint

Bundaberg Ginger beer
Fresh Up
Allens Killer Pythons
Allens Mackintosh Toffees
Cadbury Freddo
Moro Bar
Pinky Bar
Cadbury Caramello Koalas
Cadbury Chocolate Fish
Cherry Ripes
Pineapple Lumps
Arnotts Chocolate Mint Slice
Arnotts Shapes – BBQ
Arnotts Shapes – Cheese & Bacon
Arnotts Shapes – Savoury
Arnotts Tim Tam – Double Coated
Arnotts Tim Tam – Original
Burger Rings
Chicken Chips
Green Onion Chips
Salt & Vinegar Chips

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