Twyford Avenue Sports Ground
Twyford Ave
W3 9QA

Festival Hours: 8am – 10pm
Check In Hours: 8am – 5pm
Bank Hours: 8am – 5pm (Swap your cash for vouchers here).
Please Note: There are no pass outs

Car Parking:
There is no car parking at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground we recommend using public transport.

Office Contact Number:
+44 20 376 97366

Ticket Release Dates:
First Release: £5 Sold Out!
Second Release: £15 Limited Availability
Third Release: £25 Ticket + Drink
Fourth Release: £25 Ticket Only

Please see the FAQs below for additional information.


What is London Big Day Out?

Right when spring turns into summer, hordes of Londoners, temporary and permanent, converge on Wasps rugby fields for a day of music, friendly team sports, partying and just getting together. The London Big Day Out is the biggest day on the antipodean social calendar, bringing Aussies and Kiwis, plus all their pommy mates, down for the banter, the competition, and mostly the party.

This year’s event sees the London Big Day Out move further into the music festival space, with Dune Rats headlining a music bill that crosses genres and is guaranteed to get even the most dodgeball/netball/touch-footy weary legs wobbling. Add to this our busy bars, Dad’s Backyard chill-out area, Australian and New Zealand comfort food stalls, the Stoke Travel adventure desk and a bunch of other stuff to ensure that your day on the oval is as big as it can possibly be.

Is there an after-party?

The only and official London Big Day Out afterparty is at the Clapham Grand, which to be honest is where we’d all be heading on a Saturday anyway. The London Big Day Out of sports and playing silly buggers in the sun was just the warm up for a night of getting up to no good. £5 for your pre-paid entry will get you a drink, balloon drops, all the nangs your lungs can handle, Aussie beers behind the bar, DJs and dancers and we won’t call it quits until the clock strikes three (AM). Don’t forget to add it to your ticket at check-out!

How do I get there?

If you’re coming from central London, hop onto the Westbound branch of both the District Line and Piccadilly Line and head to Acton Town station.
The best exit is Gunnersbury Lane. Once out of the station turn right and head north up Gunnersbury Lane. If you’re walking, continue straight and cross over Uxbridge Road and continue north up Chatsworth Gardens.
Follow the signs to London Big Day Out.

Coming from down south or out West? No Problem! Just jump on the Piccadilly line and head over to Ealing Common station. Turn right out of the station onto Uxbridge Rd and walk 6-8 minutes towards the corner of Uxbridge Rd and Twyford Ave and chuck a left. Then follow the signs to London Big Day Out!

What is the line up?

Headline Act: Dune Rats
Deadbeat, Soundcheck, Axam, DJ Gravox and out Stoke Travel Battle of the Bands winner Wicked Things .

Sports line-up announced June 1st

Are tickets available on the day?

Limited tickets will be available on the day for £30. CASH ONLY.

What important information do I need for the day?

To enter the event you MUST present your ticket for scanning.
It is also important to note that only the lead booker will be receiving the ticket, so if you have booked as a group you must all arrive together.

Food & Drink:
No alcohol or food may be brought into Wasps rugby field. Bags will be searched on arrival. There will are multiple bars onsite selling both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all day and food stalls with a good selection of food at reasonable prices.

London Big Day Out has event liability insurance.
Players are not covered for personal insurance.

First Aid:
Teams are responsible for their own physio and First Aid.

Voucher system:
There will be two banks onsite where you can pay for festival vouchers with either cash or card payments (cash advised for speed). Vouchers are in quantities of £5 and all our vendors have priced their products to match this e.g. £5 for a drink, 4 beers for £15 etc.

Note: The Kiwis/Aussie shop takes cash/card not vouchers!

Group bookings:
If you have booked as a group but only have one ticket, you do not all have to check in at the same time. If your group members are arriving at different times just forward them the ticket so they can use it at check in. Our ticket system will count down every time it is scanned and once everyone has arrived the ticket will no longer be valid.

Which charities does Stoke Support?

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH)
SMH is a Basque NGO present on Chios since 2015. They are the sole providers of medical aid at boat landings and work all over the island to provide vital medical assistance.

Chios People’s Kitchen (CPK)
CPK is a volunteer-run and donation-funded project that has been in continuous operation since December 2015. CPK currently delivers daily hot meals to refugee students, unaccompanied minors, and vulnerable women. CPK also distributes dry food packs to refugees housed in apartments and to the residents of Vial Camp. Vial Camp is presently two times over the official capacity and conditions are appalling.

This is a joint initiative between Stoke Travel & Hello My Friend with the support of Donate4Refugees.

For more info please check out the following links:

SM Humanitario

Chios Peoples Kitchen


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